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Binding Company
"Status quo" is a dirty word at Union Binding Company. We believe that if you aren’t moving forward, you're falling behind. So as we put together this year’s dealer book, we bring special attention to how our bindings transform. As a manufacturer, as a brand, and as part of the snowboarding community, we do what competitors say can’t be done: we transform the dynamic between the snowboarder and the snowboard.

Transformation is what Union is all about. We’ve gone from a small core snowboarding brand to the global leader in snowboard bindings. We’ve done the big things by focusing on the small things—like developing and pioneering lightweight materials, specifically designed to take abuse in freezing temperatures. Sometimes the difference is just a gram here or slightly stronger there, and the overall result quickly stacks up. It’s not about being the biggest brand, it’s about being the best brand.

Everything at Union comes down to focus and dedication. The "STRONGER" motto not only stands for our product – it represents all facets of the company. From our product, delivery, sales and customer service to having the best Pro Team in snowboarding, our amazing friendships and a genuine approach sum up how we transform the snowboarding experience.