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Founded in 1987 by San Francisco local, Jim Thiebaud, Spitfire is part of the Deluxe Distribution family and sits alongside other well respected brands; Real, Thunder Trucks, Venture, Krooked and Anti Hero Skateboards.Jim Thiebaud’s skateboarding career and contribution to skateboarding is both incredible and vast. Some highlights would be riding as an amateur for Powell-Peralta, a pro for Santa Monica Airlines and co-founding Real Skateboards with former Powell-Peralta teammate Tommy Guerrero, a skateboard team who became one of the most influential teams in Skateboarding.

Jim is one of the guys keeping the wheels rolling at Deluxe Distribution and actively continues to nurture future skateboarding. He’s well known as being one of the nicest people in skateboarding and been instrumental in helping create worthwhile charities and causes within skateboarding that give back, support those in need, and perpetuate the idea of skateboarders taking care of their own. It’s this same mentality that has made Spitfire the company it is - it’s by skateboarders, for skateboarders!