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These shoes are made by and for Skateboarders around the world, girls and boys out on the streets having fun, being creative. We don't have any corporate backing, no one telling us what to do. And neither should you.

I like turning dreams into reality. I love creating & making things; everything from the perfect shaped board to solving the skaters "pants nightmare". They say, if you can't find it design it or if you are unhappy with something well shut up and make it better.

My first big dream in life was to become a pro-skater in U.S.A which felt like an impossible mission in the 90's. Well at least when you live in a small town in Sweden. With a bit of luck a bit of talent and what not somehow that happened.

At some point in my pro-days I felt that I wanted to express my own ideas create my own films & projects. Present my perspective on our culture and show how we via DIY spirits, community, friendship can create great things together... (dream two)

Well about about 10 years ago I felt that I no longer could connect with the direction our industry was going, it felt stale & strange. So I started my own board company, Polar Skate Co (dream three)

The past years or so when I look out at the so called skate shoe landscape there is something about it that feels off & weird these huge corporations running things their way... It's a feeling and like I said above if your are unhappy with a situation shut up and do something about it...(dream four has started). – Alv