Salomon Grace

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The Salomon Grace Snowboard is the perfect learning tool for young riders. It combines a soft flex and a flat profile for super easy handling, and a concave base and Bite Free edges for easy turn initiation with no hangups. Get your kid on the Grace and they'll be tearing up the mountain in no time.Product Details

Rocker Type

Super Flat – Flat profile for catch free spins, honest presses and stability.

Bowl Skate Base – Keep young riders from catching edges with a side-to-side concave base.


1 (1 Soft - 5 Stiff)


True Twin – Freestyle specific: Identical tip/tail lengths, symmetrical core profiling, flex and a centered binding stance.

Radial Sidecut – Radial is the classic sidecut for consistent response forward and switch.


Aspen Core – Full length FSC Certified Aspen wood core with high-density strips of birchwood in the binding area.


Biaxial Low Density Fiberglass – Low-density fibers allow for lighter boards that keep their playful forgiving flex forever.


ABS Sidewalls – The molecular structure of ABS can be described as a concrete bar with rubber nuggets inside, combining toughness for energy transfer and dampening properties for impact absorption.


Extruded Base – Offers long lasting glide with low-maintenance characteristics.

Standard Stone Finish – Optimized extruded base structure for any snow condition.


Bite Free Edge Bevel – Fully detuned tip and tail edges for a hang-up free ride.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pattern

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