Capita Spring Break Mini tree hunter

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The Spring Break Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft line is a series of surf inspired snowboards crafted in conjunction with artist and snowboarder Corey Smith. Each board in the line features an innovate super buoyant Surflite 2.0 Core, and a unique surfstyle shape designed to slash and float through the deepest powder. The CAPiTA Spring Break Mini Tree Hunter Snowboard is the shortest UPDS. Featuring a setback stance with a rounded swallow tail, this board is super loose and playful in the pow, and extra nimble through tight trees.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Surf Rocker Profile – The SURF ROCKER features a continuous arching tip and tail inspired by the modern design of many of today’s best surfboards: flat through the inserts with smooth arcing tip and tails. The gentle low angle allows for maximum float and control.


Directional Flex

Flex Rating – 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Directional Shape

Surf Blended Radial Sidecut – Inspired by a combination of surfboard design and on snow riding functionality, the all new SURF BLENDED RADIAL sidecut is the ultimate powder surfing shape. This shape features a radial sidecut just through and past the inserts, followed by a huge smooth reverse blend zone and then topped off with a ton of taper. Surf the earth and get loose in the white room!


Surflite 2.0 Core™ – The SURFLITE 2.0 CORE™ was designed exclusively for the Spring Break Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft to create a core that floats on top of the deepest powder. In surfboard design, a thicker, more buoyant core will help the board float more naturally than a thin dense one. With this inspiration, CAPiTA has developed and now evolved an industry-first core featuring Beech underlays. As each Spring Break Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft has a unique shape, each SURFLITE 2.0 CORE™ features a unique alignment of Blocked Balsa and strategically placed Poplar throughout the board. In a development partnership with Union Binding Company, CAPiTA has incorporated Forged Carbon Diamond Plates into the insert area of the core, creating the most high-tech and floatable core of all time.

Forged Carbon Quad Packs – Union Binding Company has worked together with CAPiTA to integrate their industry-first Forged Carbon technology into multiple models for 2020. Lighter and stronger than titanium, Forged Carbon is the future of high-end, performance-based products. The Spring Break Powder boards have Forged Carbon Quad Packs in the insert area of the Blocked Balsa SURFLITE 2.0 CORE™.


Triax/Triax Holysheet™ – The HOLYSHEET™ fiberglass configuration features fiber weaves with a high tensile strength and low modulus of elasticity. With a higher roving count in the same weight of glass, you can have a stronger and more responsive board without adding extra weight. Triaxial fiberglass is placed on both the top and bottom of the core providing maximum strength, durability and performance.

Magic Bean Resin – Developed over a three-year span, this advanced resin system has a bio-content of 60% renewable, agricultural raw material. It is plant based that does not compete with primary food sources and is produced with no waste or greenhouse emissions. In production, it has a low-temperature requirement with a high yield output. This resin system is poppy, powerful, and extremely durable. MAGIC BEAN™ resin yields much stronger and more rigid qualities allowing a decrease in the wood core thickness. The focus is to save wood core weight by increasing resin performance. This means you get a lighter board while achieving higher energy return.


FUS3D™ Sidewalls – This mono-composite Thermoplastic is created using a Fused Deposition Process, also known as Additive Manufacturing, which yields high impact resistance at low temperatures and overall improved durability through extruded ABS—custom shaped and bonded to the wood core.


Powder Drive™ Base – Dynamic and durable, easy to maintain and reliable, this base material is electric through the trees and fast over the flats. Featuring attributes of both sintered and extruded base material the POWDER DRIVE™ base was exclusively formulated for the extra-wide chassis of the Spring Break Powder Division and were designed with the powder lifestyle in mind.


360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges


Skinless™ Core Ash Woodgrain Topsheet – Specially treated pure wood veneer topsheet with a unique tactile feel that is 220gm lighter than the standard process.

PLT™ Topsheet Technology – PLT™ technology is exclusive to CAPiTA MFG and magically bonds the topsheet to an already pressed snowboard.


Multitech™ Level 3 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen – The DEEPSPACE™ Design Theory takes advantage of the thickness of a transparent topsheet. Strategically layering ink on multiple levels from the top and the bottom imbues graphics with a sense of life through depth.

Silkscreen / Die-cut Base Graphic

Binding Compatibility

Stainless Steel 4 x 2 Inserts

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